victim identified in toronto body parts murder

Last week outside of Toronto, some hikers made a gruesome discovery when they stumbled across a human foot at Hewick Meadows Park in Mississauga. This led to the discovery of a head and two hands in the Credit River, and more human remains in West Highland Creek.

The victim was identified as 41-year-old Guant Hua Li, a licensed holistic practitioner and mother of three, last seen August 10 at her business, the Forget-Me-Not Health Care spa. Murder and dismemberment: Toronto body parts victim was licensed holistic practitioner.

It's been a weird summer of grisly violence out of Canada:
The stunning announcement comes after a summer of violence that began with the brutal slaying and dismemberment of Chinese international student Lin Jun that left Canadians reeling. Luka Rocco Magnotta has been charged in that death. Toronto has also experienced a spate of shootings in public places, including the Eaton Centre, that had residents in fear.

In the case of Ms. Liu, police say her body parts had been left in the water for five to seven days.

There is no waterway connecting the two sites, suggesting Ms. Liu's killer might have strewn her body parts across the city. But for now, both Peel and Toronto police have called off the search for more remains.

Instead, they are focusing on piecing together the circumstances behind Ms. Liu's disappearance and death, which officers are treating as a homicide even though they have not determined cause of death.
Police don't have any suspects, some of Liu's body parts are still missing, and the investigation is reportedly "wide open." Damn. What the hell? More here: Human remains: Body parts belonged to spa owner.

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