awesome asian bad guys. help us make this thing.

Real quick, once again, it is my duty to remind you that Awesome Asian Bad Guys, National Film Society's action/comedy web series, needs your help.

We've got less than ten days to go in our Kickstarter campaign, with over $30,000 left to raise. If we don't raise the full $50,000, we get nothing! And that would really suck. Can you help some brothers out? Every little bit counts.

We're offering some decent perks for folks who pledge, including the very handsome official Awesome Asian Bad Guys t-shirt, available to those who generously pledge $50 or more.

For a pledge of $350, National Film Society has me on the hook to do a Skype chat where we can talk about "Asian American stuff, Star Trek, Jeremy Lin or whatever." This might be a fun one for student groups or classrooms.

Anyway you could help us out to make this thing happen would be greatly appreciated. For further information about the web series, and to make a pledge, head over to the Awesome Asian Bad Guys Kickstarter here.

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