who won the great food truck race finale?

Last night, Food Network crowned this season's winner of The Great Food Truck Race. After a trial-by-fire, multi-city, 3500+-mile trek across the United States, the competition boiled down to two teams: Nonna's Kitchenette from New Jersey, and Seoul Sausage from Los Angeles.

At long last, after slinging their unique Korean American flavors across the nation, our boys Yong, Chris and Ted made it to the three-city finale. But we already knew that. We had heard they made it to the final leg several months ago, when I put the call out for folks to support Seoul Sausage in Boston.

So how did they do?

Congratulations to Seoul Sausage, who pulled through with the victory! Fried ball and fried ball, it was a hard-fought race with a lot of speed bumps and pit stops along the way, but they are the winners of the much-deserved $50,000 -- and they get to keep their food truck. Boom. Represent.

And these guys deserved it, all the way. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, be sure to check out the brand new Seoul Sausage storefront, opening this month on the west side. For more information on these guys and the awesome stuff food they're serving up, visit the Seoul Sausage Co. website here.

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