"we're skinheads and we don't like asian people"

Disturbing news out of Australia... Last week, two self-proclaimed skinheads pleaded guilty to a brutal racial assault on an Asian student in Melbourne earlier this year: 'We're skinheads and we don't like Asian people.'

21-year-old Shannon Hudson and 20-year-old Wayne O'Brien admitted to attacking the student, calling him a "yellow dog," pinning him against a fence, repeatedly kicking and punching him the face and stabbing him with an unknown sharp obejct before finally breaking a brick over his head.

The victim had just been walking down the street, minding his own business, listening to his iPod. Then, without provocation, he was getting the crap kicked out of him -- simply because he's Asian:

They were on their way to Hudson's home in Bloomfield Road, Ascot Vale, when they noticed the student walking on the opposite side of the street listening to music on his iPhone.

One of the three ran across the road and the others followed and began punching and kicking him without provocation.

Hudson also smashed over the student's head a brick, which broke in half, and the victim was stabbed with an unknown sharp object. He lost consciousness during the prolonged attack and was chased down when he tried to run away.

The court heard the trio taunted their victim by yelling things including "you f...ing Gook" and "lie down you dog, you yellow dog" as they repeatedly belted him as he begged for his life.
The victim suffered critical injuries that required facial reconstruction and plastic surgery. He lost several teeth, suffered broken bones, and dozens of cuts and bruises and still can't chew or speak properly because of his injuries.

O'Brien, Walter and a third underage attacker were charged with intentionally causing serious injury, which carries a maximum sentence of twenty years.

After his arrest, O'Brien reportedly admitted to police, "We're skinheads and we don't like Asian people ... don't like Jews, don't like Negros, you know what I mean." I'm afraid we know exactly what you mean. Now go rot in a jail cell. More here: Skinheads plead guilty to bashing Asian.

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