angry gift guide: bruce lee way of the dragon action figure

The perfect gift for the Bruce Lee fan in your life. If you've got $375 to drop, considering this friggin' awesome 1/4 HD Masterpiece Bruce Lee action figure, produced and manufactured by Enterbay. Looking badass like he just stepped out of Way of the Dragon.

Amazingly detailed with over 30 points of articulation, you get two different Bruce Lee heads -- one with a "normal" expression and one with a more "grouchy" face. It also comes with five pairs of interchangeable hands, a wooden bastinade, two wooden darts and, of course, a pair of nunchucks.

Here are some more photos:

Okay, kind of creepy seeing Bruce Lee's severed head sitting there. But holy smokes, that's a hell of an action figure. To see more photos, and pre-order yours, head over to the Enterbay website here.

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