The Colbert Report mocks Bill O'Reilly's racial stupidity

Some follow up on Bill O'Reilly ridiculous comments from last week, when he discussed Hawaii's social ills and acted like he knew a damn thing about Asian people... The remarks have since drawn criticism from Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, who says O'Reilly owes Hawaii and Asian Americans an apology: Hanabusa: Bill O'Reilly owes Hawaii and Asian-Americans apology.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central's The Colbert Report took the opportunity to mock Bill O'Reilly comments with its own hilarious takedown of stereotypes and racial generalizations, in a manner that only Stephen Colbert could get away with: Stephen Colbert Mocks Bill O'Reilly's Confusion Over 'Liberal' Asians In Hawaii.

"Folks, Bill was not being racist. He was merely painting an entire race with one brush."

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