You were not invited to Kappa Sigma's "Racist Rager."

Sometimes, you just need one guy to say, "Hey, maybe this isn't such a good idea." Alas, nobody in Duke University's Kappa Sigma chapter had that good sense when they threw their Asian-themed "racist rager" last week: Duke Kappa Sigma party ignites firestorm of criticism.

I know. A racist themed frat party -- shocker. Who would do such a thing? The flyer above was made by Asian American students in protest of the party, and all the other racist and sexist marginalization that consistently goes down at Duke and campuses everywhere. No, this is not a new thing.

Here are some more protest flyers, created using Facebook photos from the party, as well as emails that were sent to invitees. Looks like it was a jolly good racist time for all. Well, for all those white kids, I mean:

Asian American students at Duke are planning a protest rally on campus tomorrow:

Protest Against Racist Kappa Sigma Party

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 1:00pm

West Campus Bus Stop

If you're SICK AND TIRED of ASIANS BEING MARGINALIZED on Duke's campus, and INFURIATED that RACIAL, SEXUAL, AND SES MINORITIES continue getting stomped on at this campus, then come to the WEST CAMPUS BUS STOP to participate in a protest against Kappa Sigma's "Asia Prime" party and ALL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST and SILENCING OF Asians at Duke.

*****Be at the West Campus Bus Stop at 1:00 pm sharp for a protest of Kappa Sigma's repulsive invitation.*****



Duke's Asian Students Association will also be hosting an Open Discussion on Wednesday night.

Kappa Sigma was officially re-recognized by Duke's Intrafraternity Council last year, a decade after dissolving over issues of misconduct. It looks like ten years wasn't long enough. But honestly, this is part of a larger pattern of discriminatory misconduct, not just at Duke, that's been happening on campuses for a long time. That's racist!

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