Actress suing IMDb is calling nine other actors to testify

The latest news in the saga of Huong Hoang, aka Junie Hoang, the actress who is suing the Internet Movie Database for posting her age on her public IMDb profile...

Hoang is scheduled to bring her claims before a jury in a federal courtroom in Seattle beginning April 8... and she's not coming alone: Actress Suing IMDb Plans to Have Nine Other Actors Testify at Trial.

Hoang's lawyers reportedly want to bring nine other actors and actresses you've probably never heard of onto the witness stand to testify about their own efforts to get IMDb, an affiliate of Amazon.com, to remove birth dates. Hoang is not messing around:

The actors on Hoang's potential witness list are Jason Cermak (The Grind), Camille Solari (Boston Girls), Stacey Newsome (The Manchurian Candidate), Joan McCall (Days of Our Lives), Jill Virnig (Little Athens), Mark Anthony Nacarato (Organized Criminal), Mitchell Fink (A Thousand Words), Micah Ballinger (Shadows) and Scott Cohen (One Life to Live). Not everyone will necessarily be called to give their insight.

Hoang also will testify, and among the things she likely will talk about is how she initially was cast in the film Consequences before the casting director rejected her as being too old. She says that IMDb's revelation of her age has caused her to see a therapist and that she suffers from anxiety and sleep loss.
I'm still dubious about the effectiveness of any of this. But I'll say one thing. Before this lawsuit went public, I had never heard of Huong Hoang, actress. Now, I'm definitely aware of Huong Hoang, actress who filed a lawsuit against IMDb for revealing her age. Now exactly a career-booster, but it's something.

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