BooBoo and Bingbing join the X-Men

If you've been following developments around the next X-Men movie, it seems like every other day we're hearing about new additions to the epic, franchise-spanning cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The latest actors to join the bulging ensemble include Fan Bingbing and BooBoo Stewart: Booboo Stewart & Fan BingBing Cast In X-Men Days Of Future Past.

Director Bryan Singer recently tweeted a revealing photo of a wall with a multitude of headshots representing the new and returning X-Men: Days of Future Past cast, including a couple of previously unannounced actors -- Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Twilight actor Booboo Stewart:

Not sure who BooBoo Stewart is going to play, but Fan Bingbing will reportedly play the mutant Blink. Part of me reallllly wants to believe that Singer and Co. cast these two actors just so entertainment journalists could report that BooBoo and Bingbing have joined the X-Men. And there you go.

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