New Music: From My Father by Trebles and Blues

Some more beats to make you think... You must check out From My Father, the new sophomore album from producer Trebles and Blues. I was a huge fan of his first instrumental LP, The Blue Note, and this is a worthy follow-up, striking a personal chord and drawing from his own family history, culture and heritage. Here's a video for the second single, "Clear the Fog":

If you want a taste of the album before you get the whole thing, check out the promo mix by DJ Phatrick.

I've had the pleasure of getting an early preview of From My Father, and I've been playing it nonstop for months. Trebles and Blues has quickly become one of my favorite producers. You can learn more about the record, and order the official Limited Edition Digipak CD from Bandcamp, or get a free download of the album from Trebles and Blues' official website.

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