Man clings to hood of moving car to stop hit-and-run

No, this is not a death-defying stunt from the latest Fast & Furious movie. This is real life, and that's a man trying to stop a driver from fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run accident... by hanging the hell on to the hood of her moving car: Video shows man clinging to car after hit-and-run.

This is the wild ride of Elton Kim of Roswell, Georgia. He took matters into his own hands when a woman backed into his wife's car in the parking of lot of their dry cleaning business, then tried to speed off. The woman drove for two miles with Kim clinging to her car, and the incident was caught on video by a passing driver:

That is crazy. But after all that, would you believe the car got away? Police are looking for the vehicle, which has out-of-state Alabama plates, and the driver could face charges of felony aggravated assault. More here: Video shows man clinging to car after hit-and-run.

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