Will the real Psy please stand up?

All Asians look the same... fake Korean pop star edition! Will the real Psy please stand up? This week at Cannes Film Festival, the guy behind the global megahit "Gangnam Style," became the toast of the town, partying down, collecting free swag and chumming it up with fellow celebs. Except this wasn't Psy. It was a Psy impostor, who apparently had the festival fooled: Cannes falls for the fake Psy.

I guess if you put the right jacket, tie and shades on an Asian guy, it's close enough. According to the New York Post, the faker scammed his way into several high-profile parties, scoring free drinks and photos ops with duped celebrities, including actors Naomie Harris and Adrien Brody. He even brought along "security guards" as part of his charade, which reportedly went on undetected for two days.

Alas, the joker eventually got caught in the act when the real Psy (taking it surprisingly well) called his doppelganger out on Twitter. Crazy. Can you imagine anyone getting away with this for that long by impersonating any other celebrity? Ridiculous: Psy Calls Out Fake Psy For Crashing Cannes.

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