A Very Special Racist Road Rage Moment On The 110 Freeway

Anyone who's driven around in Los Angeles, at one point or another, has experienced a very special road rage moment. Between the soul-crushing traffic and the demonic maze of freeways, there's plenty to get angry about. But what do you do when things get dangerous, and a racist road raging driver is out get you?

Over the weekend, Reddit user affirmativeuncertain, who is Asian American, shared about a scary incident on the road where a crazy driver -- unprovoked -- repeatedly cut him off, shouted racial slurs, hurled trash at him, and recklessly brake-checked his car. The whole thing happened on Saturday in Los Angeles, on the 10 East/110 North near downtown.

Fortunately, the incident was recorded on the car's dash cam:

As you can see, there's something seriously wrong with this guy. My favorite part is when he jumps out the car to yell at the driver, right there on the 110 freeway, just to get a face-to-face moment for good measure.

We get clear look at Mr. Racist Road Rage, his vehicle and his license plate, and we hear a call being made to 911. He's caught on tape breaking more than a few laws. Have there been appropriate steps made to track this guy down and get his racist ass arrested? How about some road justice, CHP?

More here: Video: Racist, Road-Raging D-Bag Flips Out In Middle Of 110 Freeway.

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