Adam WarRock kicks off annual Donation Drive with "Stark Industries" music video

It's Adam WarRock's third annual Donation Drive! Our friend Eugene Ahn, aka pop cultural and nerdy emcee extraordinaire Adam WarRock, raps about comic books, movies, TV shows and all sorts of other geeky awesome stuff. And he's prolific, regularly releasing hundreds of songs, albums, EPs and mixtapes for free.

To support this endeavor, he's asking for donations to keep his site going. And for your generosity, you'll get an awesome rewards package. This year, donors will get a new album, a live video concert, and a package of digital comics from some of the most well-known creators on and off the web.

To kick things off, he's releasing a new music video for the single off the exclusive Donation Drive album. It's an homage to the Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. We proudly present the music video premiere of "Stark Industries" by Adam WarRock:

Eugene's been a good friend to this blog, and he makes great music. (Check out his guest appearance on a previous episode of the Sound and Fury podcast.) For more info on Adam WarRock and his geeky music, and to make a donation, head over to his official website.

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