Fund This: RE:INVENT, inspired by an artist's fight against ALS

This is an incredible and inspirational project worth your support... Meet artist Francis Tsai. In 2010, he was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative neuralmuscular disease that eventually leads to paralysis. His body began to deteriorate, but this didn't stop Francis from being awesome. In fact, he became more awesome.

When Francis lost the use of his hands, he began to paint with his toe on an iPad. When he lost the use of his feet, he began to create art using eye tracking technology from Tobii -- and was able to make some of the best work of his career. So what's getting in the way of you creating your dreams project?

Francis' incredible, courageous story inspired the collaborative art project RE:INVENT, a 112-page hardcover book of designs, illustrations and photography by an incredible variety of contributors -- including Francis. Here's the Kickstarter video with more information:

This is an amazing story, and there's some gorgeous work in there. The goal is to raise $7500 by July 17. As I write this, they're pretty close -- pledge early and get yourself a 1st edition print copy of RE:INVENT. For further information about the project, and to make a pledge, head over to Kickstarter.

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