Production begins on Revenge of the Green Dragons

Some interesting movie news... It looks like we'll be seeing the likes of Harry Shum Jr., Justin Chon, KevJumba and MC Jin starring in Revenge of the Green Dragons.

Production has already begun on the gangster action thriller, which is inspired by a New Yorker article on the Chinese American underworld. Directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, the 1980s-set crime drama tells the story of two immigrant siblings' rise and fall within a New York Chinatown gang, the Green Dragons. So who's in the movie?

The film's IMDb page already lists Glee's Harry Shum Jr. and Eugenia Yuan as part of the cast. But some rumors began circulating this week that Justin, Kevin and Jin have roles in the movie. The speculation seemed to be confirmed by a couple of intriguing tweets between the actors.

And check it. These photos, posted to Facebook by Phil Nee, were taken at the opening ceremonies marking the start of principal photography in New York. You can clearly see Harry, Justin and Kevin amongst the cast and crew.

And finally, this amateur video shot on set (presumably from across the street) shows cast members filming outside a billiard club in Richmond Hill, complete with 1980s automobiles. You can catch a glimpse of Kev in his crazy ass hair:

To the person who shot and uploaded this video: thanks. But I think I could have done without the added Chinese music. We get it. Otherwise, I'm definitely interested in seeing how this turns out.

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