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31 Beautiful Photos Of Life In San Francisco's Chinatown In The '50s: This awesome gallery of vintage photos gives a great glimpse into the San Francisco Chinatown of yesteryear.

A Map of Vice in San Francisco's Chinatown, 1885: The Vault, Slate's history blog, uncovers fascinating map published in 1885 as part of an official survey of living conditions in San Francisco's Chinatown.

10 MORE Wack Things People Say After You Write An Essay About Wack Things White Guys Say To Deny Their Asian Fetish: Kristina Wong responds to her first list about white guys with an Asian fetish.

On Being Asian Girlz (and Boys): Changelab's Scot Nakagawa ponders what it really means to be Asian American in the aftermath of that godawful Day Above Ground song.

If You Have To Ask If It's Racist, It Probably Is: An interview with Andrew Ti, creator of the "Yo, Is This Racist?" blog and podcast, in which Ti takes on questions about racial sensitivity.

Feed the People, Not the Trolls: An (Incomplete) Archive of APA Women Musicians: Last week was the unveiling of the worst song ever. So, to help us all breathe a little easier, Mr. Hyphen winners 2011 and 2013, Terry Park and Sean Miura, made a playlist of some awesome APA women musicians.

Mea Culpa: Some people just don't understand that throwing out a "Ni Hao" at a girl in an American park isn't coming from a friendly place.

When the Patient Is Racist: Doctors are under strict ethical provisions not to refuse patients, but what happens when the patient is racist?

Explaining My Adoption to My Biological Daughter: Nicole Soojung Callahan, a Korean American adoptee, tackles her daughter's question about adoption.

Why Do Europeans Cause So Many Train Wrecks? Or, the Idiocy of Malcolm Gladwell's Cultural Determinism: After the recent Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco, media outlets were quick to cite Korean culture as a factor in the tragic outcome. If something about that sounds wrong to you, it's because it is.

10 ways to make your video go viral: Karen X. Cheng, the woman behind the popular YouTube video "Girl Learns to Dance in Year," offers some insight into the work that went into make her video hit go viral.

A (Very, Very Long) Day on the Campaign Trail With John Liu: New York magazine follows a day in the life of John Liu, a hopeful and hard-working (and longshot) candidate for mayor of New York City.

South Asians See 'Tipping Point' In 2013 NYC Elections: In New York City, there is currently no South Asian on the City Council or in citywide office, but with a number of South Asian candidates running, that could change this year.

Immigration reform predictions are mathematical and personal: Tom Wong, who grew up without legal status, is using statistical models to guess the outcome of immigration reform in Congress -- and change it.

Three Things Asian Americans Owe to the Civil Rights Movement: The 28th of August is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Here's a list of how the Civil Rights Movement helped the Asian American community.

Why does 'Mindy' only date white guys? Kaling sounds off! Mindy Kaling responds to gripes that her TV alter ego, Dr. Mindy Lahiri on Fox's The Mindy Project, only dates white guys.

Kumail Nanjiani's Urine-Soaked Comic-Con Adventure: During his recent appearance on Conan, comedian Kumail Nanjiani talked about Comic-Con, costumes, and how the last thing he wants to hear at a urinal is "eyes forward, Gary!"

'Superman/Batman': Who should play Dark Knight in 'Man of Steel' sequel? Nice to see Daniel Dae Kim among the names floated in Hero Complex's gallery of suggestions to play the Caped Crusader in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie -- even if it is a hell of a longshot.

Olivia Munn: Chinese-American heritage will keep me from Wonder Woman dream role: Speaking of Asians as comic book superheroes, Olivia Munn's love for Wonder Woman may be no secret, but the actress doesn't think she'd be likely to play the superheroine on the big screen.

This Is What Happens When Your Boyfriend Does Your Makeup: YouTube makeup video sensation Michelle Phan gets her boyfriend to put her makeup on. The results are... interesting.

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