Things I Do Not Understand: Kal Penn tweets in support of "Stop and Frisk"

Say it ain't so, Kalpen.

Allow me to echo my blogging comrade Lakshmi over at The Aerogram, who expresses disappointment over Kal Penn's public support and defense of New York City's Stop-and-Frisk policy. This week, a judge ruled that the NYPD's "policy of indirect racial profiling" violated the constitutional rights of minorities in the city.

However, the actor we know and love from Harold and Kumar (and former aide to the Obama administration), tweeted a link to an op/ed on the merits of "Stop-and-Frisk," setting off some heated online debate:

I'm still hoping that it's some kind of hack. Of Kalpen's brain.

GQ points out a November 2011 interview where Kal talks about being the victim of profiling himself and airport checkpoints: Why Did Kal Penn Change His Mind on Racial Profiling?

What gives?

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