Undrafted, Unwanted, Unwavering: New Linsanity Movie Poster

Feature documentary opens in theaters on October 4

Check it out... If you haven't marked your calendars yet, Linsanity opens in select theaters on October 4. IndieWire just posted this new theatrical poster featuring your favorite Asian American point guard.

Director Evan Jackson Leong's documentary, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, tells the against-the-odds, zero-to-hero story of Jeremy Lin, culminating with his amazing breakthrough with the New York Knicks -- a moment we all now affectionately refer to as "Linsanity." As readers of this blog know, Jeremy didn't quite come out of nowhere, and this film looks at his family, faith and humble beginnings.

Here's a clip from Linsanity, with some vintage footage of young Jeremy's skillz on the court:

Linsanity will open in theaters on October 4 in Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC, with more cities to come. For further information and updates on additional screenings, go to the official Linsanity movie website.

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