Aziz Ansari goes to Hong Kong, gets schooled on the proper way to eat a pineapple bun

"Now I'm that brown guy who ripped the buns apart."

I'm enjoying the recently launched Esquire Network's new travelogue show The Getaway, in which interesting personalities are dropped into world cities and tear it up. Basically, it's a really nice excuse for celebrity folk to eat and drink and eat some more. Last week's episode featured comedian Aziz Ansari exploring the sights and tastes of Hong Kong. And damns, it made me hungry.

Here's a clip of Aziz hanging out with food blogger Nicole Fung at the Kam Wah Cafe, one of Hong Kong's most famous teahouse. He gets schooled in the proper way to eat a pineapple bun -- don't rip it apart, dude -- from the restaurant's watchful host, Mrs. Chan. And people, you do not want to cross Mrs. Chan:

Mmm. Butter.

And here's a clip of Aziz betting on the wrong horse at the races:

Seriously, Aziz. Nobody bets on number 4. Bad luck.

But man, now I really want to plan my next trip to Hong Kong.

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