Could Dami Im become the first Asian Australian pop star?

Powerhouse performer is the fan favorite to win Australia's X Factor.

The internet continues my education of televised reality singing competitions. This is a great story from down under, where contestant Dami Im has been kicking ass on the Australian version of The X Factor. Week after week, the 24-year-old Korean Australian music teacher from Queensland has been wowing the judges and winning the hearts of viewers with her powerhouse performances. Here's a recap of her superstar-making season so far...

Her audition: "Hero"

Bootcamp: "Jolene"

Home Visits: "If I Were a Boy"

Live Show 1: "One"

Live Show 2: "Purple Rain"

Live Show 3: "Don't Leave Me This Way"

Live Show 4: "Roar"

Live Show 5: "Best of You"

Live Show 6: "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Live Show 7: "Clarity"

I keep re-watching her incredible rendition of "One." Didn't think I'd be keeping up with the weekly results of an Australian singing competition, but dammit, you've got me, X Factor. I'm totally obsessed with Dami Im.

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