Instant yellowface! Now available in a convenient tube.

Happy Halloween.

Before I say anything else, let me note that this post was inspired by the image accompanying Matthew Sallesses' excellent piece for The Good Men Project: Halloween Is for White People. I saw the photo on that post, said whaaaaaaaaaat, and immediately scoured the web to find that image.

This is Yellow Make-Up Cream, manufactured by Widmann srl. Yellowface in a tube! Pretty awesome right?

No, I shouldn't be surprised that this product exists. There are all sorts of bullshit racist, culturally insensitive costumes out there -- hell, why not make it easier for people to go full yellowface. Literally.

I suppose there are plenty of ways to apply yellow makeup. But the illustration on the packaging makes it pretty clear what "look" you should be going for. Need some more inspiration? Check it out:

And there's lots more where that came from! This was Widmann's website filed under AROUND THE WORLD, the company's product selection boasting "more than 800 items of all races and ethnicities." No thank you.

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