Marc Marquez, your t-shirt is doing the chink-eye

Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer lets his racist t-shirt do the talking

I do not follow the world of Grand Prix motorcycle racing, so I was unfamiliar with Mr. Marc Marquez until about half an hour ago. But the dude automatically gets on my shit list for wear this racist-ass t-shirt.

Seriously, people really love doing the chink-eye. Remember these guys?

Marquez, a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle champ, tweeted this photo earlier in the day to his Twitter followers (in Spanish): "Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! ;) Do you like?"

No, man. No nos gusta.

The shirt is apparently a custom design for this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, where he is reportedly a strong favorite to win the MotoGP title. And completely oblivious to the fact that the shirt makes him look like an ass.

More here: Marquez, We Have To Talk – You’re Getting Horrible Advice.

(Thanks, Richard.)

UPDATE: And here is Marc Marquez's run-of-the-mill, sorry-if-you-were-offended non-apology:

If that was supposed to be a "symbol of thanks," I'd hate to see what he thinks racial mocking looks like.

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