Meet the Asian Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Send me photos of your awesome Halloween costumes!

This one is for all you fans of Game of Thrones. Here is a nice photo of Robert, who costumed himself as Jon Snow, bastard son of Lord Ned Stark of Winterfell, from the popular HBO fantasy drama -- complete with a direwolf. Actually, what completes his Halloween look is that always-about-to-cry expression on his face, as one Reddit commenter points out. Nailed it.

What costume are you rocking this Halloween? Send me photos of your awesome costumes. I'll compile the best ones for my annual costume gallery. But only if they're awesome! It goes without saying, but I don't want to see any sexy geishas or chop suey specs, ya hear?

UPDATE: Here is a video of Asian Jon Snow trying to train his disobedient direwolf:

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