Music Video: Adam WarRock battles bad guys in "B.S.F.X."

New album The Middle of Nowhere drops November 5.

Boom! Pow! Smash! People of the internet, got some of that pop cultural hip hop for you. Nerdcore emcee Adam WarRock, aka Eugene Ahn, just dropped the shiny new single and music video for "B.S.F.X." from his forthcoming third full-length album The Middle of Nowhere. Featuring Eugene's signature fanboy-friendly flow, a kickass beat and some Gotham City cosplay (with the assist by Betty Felon and AK Wood), it's like a fun trip to the comic book shop. Check it out:

The Middle of Nowhere will be out on November 5. You can pre-order it here, and get an immediate download of "B.S.F.X. now. For more information about Adam WarRock, head over to his website, where you can download a truckload of free tracks. And while you're at it, check out the podcast conversation I recorded with Eugene earlier this year.

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