Two charged in Hmong celebration shooting

Five wounded at traditional Hmong New Year's festival event in Tulsa

Over the weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, two men were arrested in connection with a shooting that left five people wounded at a traditional Hmong New Year's festival event: Boonmlee Lee and Meng Lee arrested in Tulsa mass shooting that left five wounded at Hmong celebration.

The shooting occurred at a private party in the Tulsa Event Center, while attendees were lineup for dinner. According to police, two victims were shot in the torso and the other three had wounds to their arms and legs. The shooting was apparently part of some kind of personal vendetta.

21-year-old Boonmlee Lee and 19-year-old Meng Lee, who are apparently counsins, were each charged with five counts of shooting with intent to kill, in addition to firearms charges. Police reportedly tracked the suspects in their car, where one of the men was stripped down to his underwear in an attempt to change his clothes.

Police 1, the Tulsa Police helicopter, was instrumental in capturing the suspects, according to arrest reports. The helicopter tracked the car the two men were in and picked up a heat signature from a firearm they apparently threw out of the car when they were pulled over.

When stopped, one of the men in the car was dressed only in boxer shorts as he tried to change his clothing, police said in a news release Sunday.

Both Meng Lee, 19, and Boonmlee, 21, were booked on five complaints of shooting with intent to kill, and possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.

There is an additional firearms possession complaint against Boonmlee Lee.
Damn. People get together for a good time, and there's always some fools who have to shoot up the place.

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