Apply to be an intern with NPR's Code Switch

Join the public radio team exploring issues of race, ethnicity and culture.

Are you a public radio nerd? A critical thinker about race, ethnicity and culture? Know more than a thing or two about broadcasting, blogs and social media? Then here is an awesome internship opportunity for you.

The folks at National Public Radio's Code Switch, who are concerned with the "frontiers of race, culture and ethnicity," are hiring an intern for winter/spring 2014, from January to April. Interns will receive a $5,500 stipend and will work out of the NPR headquarters in Washington DC.

They're looking to work with a budding journalist who is social media savvy, a strong writer and passionate about covering race, ethnicity and culture.

Think you're up for the job? Here's some more information:

NPR's Code Switch is one of the largest teams in the country reporting on some of the most fascinating topics of our day: race, ethnicity and culture. As the intern for Code Switch, you'll be working with a diverse, fun team of journalists doing path-breaking coverage of these subjects. And while we can't promise you'll emerge Internet-famous, let's just say there's a really good chance.

You'll work with top national correspondents to produce digital packages, lead discussions on social media, contribute story ideas, and report and write stories for the team. As a hybrid broadcast and digital unit, Code Switch works with almost every division at NPR — every show, every desk, multimedia, news apps, marketing and communications, and more — offering a terrific perspective on every aspect of working for NPR News.

We're looking for a candidate who is fascinated by the different ways that our cultural backgrounds affect our experiences of the world, and who can approach this topic as an explorer rather than an advocate. We seek strong writers with good social media instincts and a passion for community and conversation. A knack with technology and an eye for a good photo certainly won't hurt your application.
This sounds like a really cool internship. Heck, why am I not applying for this? For further details about the position, including responsibilities and qualifications, view the full job listing here. Good luck! And to see ongoing content from Code Switch, go here.

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