Music Video: Tokyo loneliness in Spazzkid's "40 Winks"

"Loneliness in a crowded city. A girl is abandoned with a mysterious suitcase."

I'm a big fan of electronic musician (and former Angry Reader of the Week) Mark Redito, also known as Spazzkid. He recently released the official music video for "40 Winks," one of my favorite tracks for his album Desire. Four months in the making, and shot entirely in Tokyo, it's a gorgeous, mysterious and mesmerizing accompaniment to the song. Check it out:

Like the track? There's more where that came from. Desire is a available as a limited edition CD or as a digital download from Bandcamp. It's an awesome, eclectic, thoughtful album, and I can't recommend it enough.

For more information on Spazzkid and his music, head over to Mark's website.

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