Steven Yeun is one of People's Sexiest Men of 2013

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

And now for some Very Important news... Steven Yeun is one of the Sexiest Men Alive? You're damn right he is. Sexy Steven, who stars as Glenn on AMC's hit zombie drama The Walking Dead, has made it into the pages of People magazine's much-hyped annual "Sexiest Man" edition. He's not the Sexiest Man of the year, but he did make the coveted cut -- the sexy short list, if you will -- for the 2013 issue.

This should come as no surprise for fans of The Walking Dead. Whether he's swinging a machete at the undead, getting steamy with his lady love, or just generally looking sweaty and in need of a shower, the show's devoted know that your favorite Asian American zombie apocalypse survivor is pretty darn sexy is his own right.

He cleans up pretty nicely too. Here's a video of Steven -- shirtless! -- stripping down for his People photo shoot, where he defines sexiness as "how you exude your presence in the world." Do tell:

Steven says when he found out he was going to be included in the "Sexiest Man" issue, the first person he told was his girlfriend -- yup, he's taken -- who was apparently "really chill" about it. Nice.

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