The Middle of Nowhere by Adam WarRock

The internet's pop cultural emcee drops his third full-length album.

Nerdcore. Geek music. Whatever the heck you want to call it. Your favorite pop cultural emcee Eugene Ahn, aka Adam WarRock, who makes hip hop about awesome stuff, just dropped his latest full-length studio album The Middle of Nowhere. And indeed, it's pretty awesome.

While the album puts Eugene's signature fanboy-friendly flow front-and-center, and features guest vocals from MC Frontalot, Louis Logic, Schaffer the Darklord and more, The Middle of Nowhere feels like next-level Adam WarRock -- still as nerdy as a trip to the comic book shop, but all growns up and deeply personal.

Here's the album preview on Bandcamp:

The Middle of Nowhere is available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon. For more information on Adam WarRock, visit his website, where he regularly drops free music about all kinds of geeky fun stuff.

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