This law firm specializes in personal injury... and really racist commercials.

The shit could not be more racist if it tried.

What the fuuuuhuuuhhhck. Is this for real? This claims to be an actual commercial for a law firm, McCutcheon & Hamner, based in Florence, Alabama. The firm specializes in personal injury... and apparently, making really shitty racist commercials. This piece of garbage could not be more racist if it tried:

Actually, a good part of the blame seems to go to the production company, Definitive Television, which is responsible for creating the "Mr. Wong Fong Shu" character. (But they claim the client came up with the copy.)

The character also shows up in a handful of other spots on the company's YouTube channel, advertising all kinds of random shit. None of it makes any sense, other than being an excuse for this guy to act like a racist asshole, complete with chop suey specs. Straight up trolling.

Somebody thinks they're being funny. It's actually kind of sad.

Worst part? The video info reveals you can hire this Mr. Wong Fong Su character for your convention, fair, festivals or other events. If I ever saw this guy at an event, I'm pretty sure an asskicking would soon follow.

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