Your Halloween Costumes, Part Two

More reader-submitted Halloween costume photos

Got the Day-After-Halloween blues? Looks like you had fun. I put a call out for photos of your awesome Halloween costumes. Got some good ones. Here's the first batch. Got some more. That's Keith looking quite heroic as the New 52 Superman and his daughter Keina as Raven above.

As you nurse that stomachache you got from eating all your Halloween candy -- or the candy you stole from your kids -- take a look at some more Halloween costume photos from around the Angry Asian Readership:

Kimmy is an officer of the Tokyo Gore Police.

Little girl reallllyy wanted to go as Santa Claus for Halloween.

Bekah as a snowman and Abby Mei as Harriet the Spy.

Clare is a princess. ("It's not just her costume, it's her lifestyle.")

Yes, Van Anh. "We can do it!"

Make your own damn sandwich! Vi as Feminist Housewife.

Allison, who works in the props department at Hawaii Five-0, as Wednesday, along with the rest of the creepy, kooky Addams Family.

A'misa as Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

I will never look at Mr. Potato Head the same way again.

Douglas as Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire.

Tony as Gru and his little Minion.

Emma as R2D2.

Ezekiel as a Jedi knight.

Creepy little ghost. If I saw this kid in a dark hallway, I'd jump out a window.

Tupac Hologram, direct from Coachella 2012.

The spiciest little Sriracha bottle.

A wizard and a dragon share a magical moment.

Baby Connor as Sun Wukong, the mighty Monkey King!

Thanks, everybody. Stay tuned for the third and final installment of the costume gallery!

UPDATE: Check out Part Three!

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