Angry Gift Guide: FREE SRACCI T-Shirt

"Rep the cock, so it don't stop."

So we've been following the saga of the Sriracha plant in Irwindale, where the makers of that red spicy magic have been in a battle with the city and its weak sauce residents, whose complaints about strong smells emanating from the factory eventually got a judge to order a production shutdown. That ain't right!

Hot sauce fans, the lines have been drawn. Who do you support in the battle of Sriracha smells? You want your sweet, spicy goodness. That's why you need to rock one of these t-shirts: FREE SRACCI.

Get it for the Sriracha supporter in your life. Wear it in solidarity, because you can't keep a good rooster down.



They say you can put Sriracha on anything and they made it official this year by throwing it on Lay's chips and Subway sandwiches. But when you throw the hot sauce on jail bars by shutting down its factory in Irwindale, California for smell complaints, you're doing it wrong! Conspiracy heads know it's a plot to help inferior sauces like ketchup and mustard prosper. Rep the cock, so it don't stop. Free Sracci!

- Made in USA
- 100% Cotton
- Waterbased print
- Limited Edition
- Slim-fit. Please size accordingly.
According to the court, Huy Fong Foods can continue hot sauce operations if it doesn't smell. But in the immortal words of CEO David Tran, "If it doesn't smell, we can't sell." Free Sracci!

(Thanks, Dave.)

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