This "China Space Agency" comic strip is racist bulls%*t

Cartoonist Tony Hall dials up the racist jokes to 11 in his latest strip.

Got this passed along to me via Twitter... Well, I guess someone thought this was funny. Tony Hall, longtime cartoonist for the UK's Eastern Daily Press, decided to dial up the racism to 11 in his latest strip, set in the "China Space Agency." Buck-tooth caricatures, lazy mock English mispronunciation ("Uh-oh, tellible setback..."), and a planetary rover that inexplicably uses chopsticks to pick up "lock" samples.

The comic strip was spotted in the paper by Twitter user @paulcoxon, who snapped a photo and called it out as unacceptable. Or as I'd put it, blatant racist bullshit.

The Eastern Daily Press, sensing the negative reaction to the strip, got up on the Twitters to offer up a crappy explanation and one of those sorry-if-you-offended non-apologies:

In other words, get over it.

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