Bounty commercial stars Olympian Julie Chu (and her mom)

U.S. ice hockey medalist heads to Sochi for her fourth Winter Olympics

Been seeing this cool commercial for Bounty, featuring Olympic medalist Julie Chu of the U.S. women's ice hockey team... and her mom. The three-time Olympian returns to the squad to represent the United States next month at Sochi, no doubt looking for a gold medal to go with the two silvers and a bronze she's already collected. But first, she's got to tell you about those super-absorbent sheets of Bounty:

CHU stands for Commitment, Honor and Unity. Here's another Bounty video with Julie and her awesome supportive mother, Miriam, celebrating hockey moms across the nation:

Those Chus are freaking awesome. Both mom and daughter. We'll be cheering for you in Sochi, Julie.

And let me just say, I swear I'm not getting any kickbacks from Bounty for saying this, but I am a fan of those Select-A-Size sheets -- definitely my paper towel of choice for cleaning up the tough messes.

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