Call for Submissions: Angry Asian Anniversary Banner Art

Submit your interpretation the Angry Asian Man banner/logo to be featured during the month of February.

Hollaaaa. Trying to get this new year started off with a contest. Believe it or not, next month marks another anniversary of this blog, and to celebrate, we're doing an art project. I've invited a handful of artist friends to submit their interpretation of the "Angry Asian Man" banner that sits up at the top of this website. So, every day (or maybe every other day?) next month, there will be a different artist's rendition of the banner.

But I need your help. I've got several great artists participating, but I need more works to fill in the rest of February's 28 days. So I'm throwing it out to you, good readers. I'm inviting you to submit your own interpretation of the Angry Asian Man banner/logo, to be showcased up top (where it says "Angry Asian Man").

Here are some specifications:

  • Submit your version of the blog banner that will replace this one for a day.

  • Dimensions: 1000 x 120

  • Format: Static .jpg, .gif, or .png

  • You can do whatever you want, as long as it says "Angry Asian Man" somewhere in there.

  • Please exercise good taste.

  • Include a short one-paragraph bio of yourself.

  • Email your submission to angryasianman@angryasianman.com.

The submission deadline is 11:59pm PST on January 29, 2014. I'll choose my favorite pieces to be showcased on the blog throughout the month of February. Each selected artist will be credited and featured on the blog, and receive supreme bragging rights with which to lord over friends and random people on the street. Good luck!

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