18MMW presents Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan

The battle you've been waiting for, but not quite the battle you expected.

Yesssss. Another crazy-ass, silly stop-motion action figure video from 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors: Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan -- the epic battle you've been waiting for. But maybe not quite the battle you expected.

This will be particularly amusing to folks who know a little something about the lore behind the making of Enter the Dragon. Sharp-eyed fans know that Chan was one of the stuntmen who got his ass beat by Bruce in the movie. (Watch this first.) 18MMW imagines what that encounter might have been like on set. Check it out:

Hilarious. Written, directed, edited and animated by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, and produced by 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors. For more funny videos, subscribe to the 18MMW YouTube channel.

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