Send that special someone a #MuslimVDay card

"This burka is built for two."

We all have our different ways of acknowledging Valentine's Day. Some go all out, do the fancy dinner and flowers and chocolate. Good luck with that. Some ignore the day entirely. My good friend writers/artist/activist Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed made some awesome, weirdly warped Muslim Valentine's Day cards.

Originally conceived as a Twitter hashtag three years ago, she created them as a fun, cheeky response to some of the perceptions placed on her as a single Muslim woman. They were an instant hit. This year, she printed up some cards and made them available for purchase from Etsy.

Check these cards out:

You can order a set of these fine cards from Etsy.

More here: This Burka is Built for Two: Q&A with Taz Ahmed on #MuslimVDay

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