Mom jumps under rolling car to save her kids

Mindy Tran used her "body as a speed bump" to stop her runaway car

Call them badass motherly instincts. In Massachussetts, a woman suffered a crushed knee and dislocated shoulder and hip when she threw herself under her car -- a human speed bump -- to save her two children inside.

Lawrence mom used 'body as speed bump' to save twins from rolling car

Last month, Mindy Tran parked her Honda Accord into her garage and got out, when the car started rolling -- with her twin toddlers buckled inside! As the car lurched forward, before it rolled down her steep driveway towards traffic, Tran dove into action, using her body as a speed bump to slow it down enough before one of her neighbors ran over to help.

Tran says she is lucky to be alive after she lay on the ground to stop her Honda Accord from rolling into the street with her kids still inside. "I laid down horizontally, using my body as a speed bump to stop the car," she said.

Her 2-year-old daughters were buckled in the back seat when the car started rolling. A neighbor also came to help.

"My neighbor jumped in and he asked what I wanted them to do," she said. "I said make sure my daughter's got out of the car safely."

Her neighbor was able to get the girls out and they were uninjured, she added. “My daughters and I are all right and keeping our heads up," she said. "I'm lucky to be alive."
Tran has been in and out of hospitals and has undergone multiple surgeries and physical therapy since the accidents. She's got a long road to recovery, but she's simply glad to be alive and her girls are safe.

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