Music Video: Big Phony blasts off in "The Hours"

From his latest album 'Long Live the Lie'

Take a low-tech apocalyptic journey into space... with Big Phony! Here's the music video for "The Hours" by singer/songwriter Bobby Choy, aka Big Phony, from his latest album Long Live the Lie. It's a weird little thing with space helmets, rocket ships, and a fantastic journey through the cosmos. Take a look:

Fun fact: this video was written and directed by Robert Joe, aka The Asian Jon Snow.

If you like the song, you'll like the whole damn album. Long Live the Lie is available for download on iTunes and Bandcamp. Also be sure to check out Big Phony's album Bobby, which was released at the same time. For more on Big Phony and his music, check out his website and follow updates on Facebook.

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