SIS Productions presents Impenetrable

April 11 - May 3 at West of Lenin Theatre in Seattle

Seattle, what is your definition of beauty? Impenetrable, which runs from April 11 - May 3 at West of Lenin Theatre, is a play that explores society's obsession with looks. It starts with a billboard ad of a bikini-clad woman with arrows pointing to "problem areas" that outrages the local community. Here's more info, including some special events during the play's run:

SIS Productions Presents IMPENETRABLE

by Mia McCullough

April 11 - May 3, 2014

Inspired by true events, Impenetrable, a play by Mia McCullough,
explores society's obsession with beauty in a deeply compelling and
funny way. In 2007, a billboard image of a gorgeous, bikini-clad young
woman appears superimposed with arrows pointing to "problem areas"
that a local spa can fix. Even an ideal woman, the ad proclaims, can
benefit from physical improvement. The community boycotts, but who is
the outrage against? The spa owner, for tapping into women's fears? Or
an entire society that values women for their looks more than their
personal achievements? This smart and revealing play delves into the
impossible expectations of female beauty, especially the ones women
(and men) place on themselves.

Rated "PG" ? appropriate for those ten years of age and older.

Performance Schedule:
Friday, April 11 at 8pm
Saturday, April 12 at 4 & 8pm
Thursday, April 17 at 8pm
Saturday, April 19 at 8pm
Friday, April 25 at 8pm
Saturday, April 26 at 4 & 8pm
Monday, April 28 at 8pm
Thursday, May 1 at 8pm
Friday, May 2 at 8pm
Saturday, May 3 at 8pm

Special Events:
SIS Productions is excited to announce some very special events that
will take place during the run of Impenetrable.

OPENING NIGHT GALA: Join the Impenetrable cast and crew for a gala
reception and opening night party after the 8pm show on Friday, April
11. Admission to the gala is free with an opening night ticket.

POST-PLAY DISCUSSIONs: Join us after every performance for a post-play
discussion with the cast.
For more information, and to purchase tickets, click here.

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