UPS calls customer "chink" in delivery documentation

Now shipping with racial slurs

For real? There's not a lot of information to go on, but I got this passed along to me, and the simple, bold casual racism of it -- by a representative from a major corporation -- just makes you shake your head.

A woman who recently received a package via UPS discovered that her delivery came with some colorful, racist language. In the delivery documentation, someone -- presumably, the UPS employee responsible for the delivery -- made note that the package was signed for by "CHINK."

In this CNN iReport, user lisak81 posted a screenshot of the UPS website, where she had logged on to check on the status of a delivery. According to UPS, the package had not only been delivered, but it had been left at the "front desk" and signed by said "Chink." Yeah, we're substituting names with racial slurs. No big deal.

In a Facebook post, the customer notes that she lives in a house -- with no such front desk -- and no, her name is not Chink. She also indicates that she might be pursuing this further up the chain with the company.

If you ask me, this customer is owed an apology, and the employee responsible for the racial slur deserves to be fired -- to put it simply, do you really want someone this stupid working for you?

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