Watch this awesome fan-made live-action 'Akira' trailer

The big-budget Hollywood studio version can suck on this

At this point, millions upon millions of dollars have been sunk into Warner Brothers' proposed whitewashed Hollywood remake of Akira, much to the dismay of fans of the classic, groundbreaking manga and animated feature. I stand with everyone who hopes the project will die a fiery death, and stay dead.

Meanwhile, a group of dedicated fans have been hard at work on their own live-action version of Akira, in the form of a very cool-looking trailer. The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced effort to create a live-action fan trailer. And that's it. Just some die-hard fans dedicated to making an adaptation that is true to the source material.

I first wrote about this a couple of years ago, back when they were fundraising for the project. It looks they've finally completed the damn thing... and it looks pretty amazing. Check it out:

They did it! Yo, this is what a freaking live-action Akira adaptation should look like! Props to the folks who obviously poured a lot of sweat and hard work into putting this all together, if only as fans with great love for the original animated movie. Respect. For more information about The Akira Project, check out the website.

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