Adam WarRock Donation Drive 2014

Donate and support the internet's foremost geek emcee. Get free stuff.

Our friend Eugene Ahn, aka Adam WarRock, makes geeky fun hip hop music about geeky fun things, regularly posting free downloadable music on his website for all to enjoy. He's tremendously talented, and has been a longtime mutual supporter of this blog. You can listen to my podcast with Eugene, recorded last year, here.

Every year, Adam WarRock hosts a donation drive to help pay for the cost of his artistry. Can you support his work? By pitching in a couple of bucks, you help keep it free and running, and get some free stuff too. All donors get a new Adam WarRock mixtape album, a live band album and an exclusive pin up gallery.

Here are a couple of sample tracks in honor of Adam WarRock's Donation Drive 2014:

Adam WarRock - "Nerds Ruin Everything":

Adam WarRock & The At-Risk Teens - "Magneto Was Right (Live at Sidebar)":

Adam WarRock's Donation Drive 2014 runs through Wednesday. Donate and you get some cool gifts. Meanwhile, for the duration of the drive, all of Adam WarRock's for-sale music is currently available free download at Bandcamp. That's crazy! Support a brother who is making music for us nerds.

It's easy. You can drop a couple of bucks via PayPal. For further information on Adam WarRock and his music, pay a visit to his official website and follow updates on Facebook.

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