Fund This: 'Welcome to Unity'

Documentary follows a high school football team made up almost entirely of foreign exchange students

Here's an interesting film project that could use your crowdfunding support... Welcome to Unity is a documentary about a small town high school, a group of exchange students, and a football dream.

I remember first hearing about this back in 2009, when NPR aired a story about the Burnt River Bulls, an eight-man high school football team from Unity, Oregon, made up almost entirely of foreign exchange students from Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, Serbia, South Korea, Germany and China. Most of the kids had never even played the game before, and frankly, they weren't very good. But they were a team.

Filmmaker Katharine Mahalic heard the story too, loved it, and felt compelled to make a documentary about the team, the students, and the town of Unity (population: 100). Watch this video for more information:

Here's also the official trailer:

The story has been four years in the making, and they've apparently put together a final edit of the film, but they're raising funds for the finishing touches, including sound design, color correction, licensing rights and other expenses. The goal is to raise $30,000, but time is running out and they've still got a long way to go.

I really want to see this story. For further information about the film, and to make a contribution, visit the Kickstarter campaign page, and check out the official Welcome to Unity website.

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