[UPDATED] Jeremy Lin traded to the Lakers

Los Angeles acquires Lin and a first-round draft pick from the Rockets

UPDATE: The rumors are true. Jeremy Lin will be headed for Los Angeles. The Houston Rockets have traded your favorite Asian American point guard to the Lakers. LA, get ready.

Lakers acquire Jeremy Lin from Houston, still pursuing Carmelo Anthony

According to a source familiar with the deal, the Lakers have acquired Jeremy, along with the Rockets' first-round draft pick next year. The Rockets will get cash and rights to an undisclosed overseas player.

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WHAAAAAAT. This just in...

With LeBron James headed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Houston Rockets are looking to land Chris Bosh. In order to do that, they'll have to trade Jeremy Lin to free up salary cap space. Houston was reportedly working out a potential trade deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, but now we're hearing news that the Rockets are trying to trade Jeremy to the Los Angeles Lakers.

For real? Obviously, more on this as it develops...

The saga continues...

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