27 artists celebrate the first Asian American superhero

Epic fan art gallery dedicated to Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew's 'The Shadow Hero'

Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew's fantastic new graphic novel The Shadow Hero is the revival of an obscure Golden Age comic book character known as the Green Turtle. Originally created by artist Chu Hing for the short-lived Blazing Comics, he is arguably the first Asian American superhero. In The Shadow Hero, the Green Turtle is given a proper origin story and re-imagined as a young Chinese American crimefighter.

To celebrate the recent release of The Shadow Hero, Gene and Sonny enlisted the help of twenty-seven different artists who each offered their own awesome, unique take on The Green Turtle throughout the month of July. So, I present this gallery compiling all of their Green Turtle fan art. Check it out:

Tuesday, July 8
Paolo Rivera

Wednesday, July 9
Roger Langridge

Thursday, July 10
Jason Caffoe

Friday, July 11
Box Brown

Saturday, July 12
MK Reed

Sunday, July 13
James Kochalka

Monday, July 14
Jeffrey Brown

Tuesday, July 15
Steve Lieber

Wednesday, July 16
Dan Santat

Thursday, July 17
Fabio Moon

Friday, July 18
Greg Ruth

Saturday, July 19
Chris Schweizer

Sunday, July 20
Leland Myrick

Monday, July 21
Thien Pham

Tuesday, July 22
Kazu Kibuishi

Wednesday, July 23
George O'Connor

Thursday, July 24
Jonathan Hill

Friday, July 25
Robb Mommaerts

Saturday, July 26
Lark Pien

Sunday, July 27
Derek Kirk Kim

Monday, July 28
Chris Giarusso

Tuesday, July 29
Faith Erin Hicks

Wednesday, July 30
Tomer Hanuka

Thursday, July 31
Ben Hatke

The Shadow Hero is available everywhere now. For further information, visit Gene Luen Yang's website.

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