Topless shoplifting suspect turns herself in

Thief left behind more than her purse while getting away from mall security

Asians behaving badly... topless shoplifter edition! In Southern California, a woman who inadvertently lost her shirt as she attempted to flee a department store after getting caught shoplifting has turned herself in.

Topless shoplifting suspect turns herself in after Macy's incident

In June, 45-year-old Jeannie Hua allegedly tried to leave a Macy's in Arcadia with unpaid merchandise in her purse. When she got stopped by security, she tried to make a break for it. Somehow, in the ensuing struggle, both her shirt and bra came off, but she managed to make it to her car and drive off.

But she left behind her purse, which not only included the stuff she tried to steal, but also her identification. Someone also managed to jot down her license number. Not quite a clean getaway.

Jeannie Hua, 45, of Alhambra allegedly concealed merchandise inside her purse and, when she tried to leave the store, a loss prevention officer attempted to detain her, according to Arcadia police.

During the ensuing struggle for Hua's purse, her shirt and bra somehow came off. She then ran to her car, leaving behind her purse -- with her driver's license inside -- and the items she allegedly tried to steal. A witness also recorded her license plate number as she fled the location, police said.

Authorities promptly issued a warrant for Hua's arrest. She surrendered to Arcadia Police last Monday, and was booked on one felony count of petty theft with a prior conviction.

This is a shoplifter's case study of everything that could possibly go wrong, and then some.

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