Angry Asian America Ep. 10: "Disney Announces 1st Pacific Islander Princess?!"

With co-host Jenny Yang and special guests Naomi Ko and Anna Akana

Hey, internet video watchers. We are still doing this YouTube thing. Here's the latest episode of Angry Asian America, our talk show on ISAtv. In episode ten, co-host Jenny Yang and I are joined by special guests Naomi Ko and Anna Akana. Special guest appearance by my facial hair. We talk about San Francisco's worst tour guide, Marvel's new spider-hero and Disney's upcoming Polynesian princess.

Things also get waaaaaay awkward near the end. Check it out:

Sometimes you write something and it comes back years later to bite you in the ass. Didn't see that one coming. Also, I'm pretty sure there are more f-bombs uttered in this one than all previous episodes combined.

Huuuuuuuuge thanks to Naomi and Anna for being hella cool and joining us for this episode, and big thanks to our ISAtv crew for helping to put it all together. To catch up on past episodes of Angry Asian America, and to watch future shows when they drop, be sure to subscribe to ISAtv on YouTube

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