Vulgar Vietnamese phrase gets past the DMV

Not-so-nice custom license plate spotted in San Jose

Every month, the Department of Motor Vehicles gets thousands of applications for custom license plates. There are invariably always applications from drivers who must explain the meaning of a phrase to the DMV, who do their best to weed out references to sex, drugs and/or gang-related terms. This is somebody's job.

It appears that one driver managed to slip one past the DMV's rigid approval process. In San Jose, a car has been spotted reportedly sporting "one of the foulest, most vulgar phrases in the Vietnamese language."

Vulgar San Jose License Plate Overlooked By DMV’s Rigid Research Process

A car with the offending license plate, spelling out the Vietnamese translation of "F*ck Your Mother," has been seen driving around San Jose, which is home to 130,000 Vietnamese people. The plate has caught enough attention to generate several complaints with the DMV.

Not gonna lie -- I had to laugh when I heard KPIX reporter Kiet Do say "Blank your mother" in that segment. He literally says "blank." I also love how they hit the streets of San Jose to track down the driver, who straight up lied when he was asked about the phrase's meaning.

The DMV has already begun the process of recalling the plate. He should be hearing from them soon. And the department adds a new phrase to its list of prohibited terms. You learn something new every day.

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